Business Translation

In the concept of translation, texts bear cultural significances which should be reflected on the target text or audience. However, Business has no cultural significances and “a snowball’s chance in hell” is challenging to translate to somebody without an understanding of your concept of snowball, or your concept of hell. Welcome to business translation.

In Business Translation, the translator requires absolute fluency in the language and professional understanding of the aim of the document to prompt actions or decisions by the recipient and to turn-heads to your project, proposal or business.

Our team in Jusoor translation Services (JST) uses translators specialized in finance, sales, marketing and communication among other fields of business to meet your business translation needs.

Examples of the business documents translated by JTS:

Leaflets, flyers, and brochures;
Marketing studies, market surveys, and research;
Business plans and sales brochures;
Company magazines, and newsletters;
Product packaging and labeling; and
Job descriptions and human resources presentations.
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