How is a translation task carried out?

Posted on October 19, 2018 at 5:13 pm

After receiving the translation request, we examine the material and choose the most suitable translator for the task; a translator who is most competent and confident about the text type and content. For lengthy tasks, we may increase the number of translators and proofreaders working on the project.

The main steps we adopt include the following:

  • The client contacts us for information and a price quote. If the client doesn’t ask any questions, we provide all the relative information related to the task,
  • After this, our team is ready to answer and clarify any questions or inquiries raised by the client. The translation will only begin after everything has been clarified and communicated to the client.
  • Once the client is happy with the quote, we move the translation request to the next step,
  • The material will be translated, edited and proofread. If the translation is ordinary, it will be delivered after this step. If the translation needs to be certified, we deliver a scan by email and a hard copy by courier at an extra cost. The client can also pick up the translation from our office according to their wishes.
  • After the client received the document, they can review and analyze the translation. The client will be given time to review the translation and get back to us with any queries they may have. If we don’t hear from the client within the time given for review, the translation will be considered complete and will be closed.

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