Marketing Translation

One small slip in marketing translation can show the difference between success and failure and all your long night planning will be impacted. Marketing is not an easy mission as it requires careful development of marketing materials based on a thorough understanding of the cultural, political, religious factors in addition to the marketing goals and objectives in a particular society.

In order to translate the marketing copy, the translator is required to ensure the message is creatively adapted, communicates effectively and stays on the brand as in the original text.

The only way to deliver high-quality target texts is to able to develop a comprehensive understanding of the target audience. This is one of the pillar posts in Jusoor Translation Services (JTS) as we enjoy a multi-cultural team with extended experience and qualifications with strong writing skills in the concerned field of marketing.

On the contrary of the technical translation methodology which should focus on the extreme accurateness and faithfulness of the original text, our marketing translators are tuned to focus on aims, brand values, and tone of voice.

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